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"The Land of Castles"

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It's the simplest way to describe our home to people that never been—The Land of Castles.


It’s a lush, green, wild, poetic rolling countryside of stone architecture and quaint village squares threaded together by the Loire River—off of which a soft, golden light perpetually dances.

Built over the Cher River, the Chateau de Chenonceau represented a safe haven during WW2—and crossing the river to reach it became symbolic of the fleeting duality of freedom and resistance. In its 2000 year history, La Loire became the preferred destination of French cultural icons—a place to relax, to indulge. From Ronsard himself to François 1er, Catherine de Médicis, Leonard de Vinci, Jeanne d’Arc, Rabelais, and Balzac, La Loire established a reputation for attracting influential personalities.


Poets, debutantes, writers, painters, and musicians found inspiration in the food, landscape, and wine here—just as we still do.

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The Loire Valley is amicable, honest, humble.


Its people will welcome you arms open, they will share incredible meals and stories with you without pause or pretentiousness.


One finds themself immersed in the history of a place that feels like home—and yet, somehow, also eternally new and as vibrantly fluid as the river that unites it.


Loire wines are diverse but distinct; pure but generous.

In that sense, they are an apt representation of the region, of the people, and of the timeless dance between new and old worlds. 


The Loire is all about Terroir—and all about sharing.

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