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It's all about where our heart is.

Born in the Loire Valley, we grew up surrounded by vineyards, farms, and a way of life inspired in the celebration of French wine. Today, thousands of miles away in San Francisco, the bond with our home continues to inspire us as we work with producers to source and share French wine from the Loire Valley with the world.

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About Alice

Alice grew up outside Vouvray—and was "raised well, thanks to Chenin Blanc" (according to her parents). Her family is from Chinon, and Alice's grandfather inspired her at a young age how to appreciate and love wine. Today, Ronsard Selection represents a return home.

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About Olivier

Olivier has worked in the wine industry for over 20 years, dedicated to shaping the exposure, knowledge, and identity of contemporary French wine in the US and beyond. His heart is in Sancerre.

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